Virtual Indiana Lean Healthcare Summit BY LEAN FRONTIERS

Virtual Indiana Lean Healthcare Summit

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Healthcare in Indiana is experiencing a remarkable transformation. Providers are facing today’s challenges with “Lean Thinking” to minimize waste, improve outcomes and steward respectful employee relationships. As defined by author Mark Graban in Lean Hospitals, these wastes take the form of defects, waiting, inventory, human potential, motion, overproduction, transportation, and overprocessing. The most successful organizations today are driving these changes to the front lines, where the work takes place, with a focus on customer/patient value. Join this inaugural event as Indiana-based healthcare organizations gather to learn, network, and share with a common goal of “Creating a State of Healthcare Excellence.”

Our COVID-19 Response

Summit organizers will take reasonable precautions to keep participants as safe as possible and request that attendees do the same. We will closely monitor and follow local guidelines for holding events and will communicate necessary information to participants. In the event that local guidelines force cancellation of the Summit, your registration fee will be rolled over to the next scheduled Summit.

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SPEAKING AT THE Virtual Indiana Lean Healthcare Summit

Meet the speakers.

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Virtual Indiana Lean Healthcare Summit AGENDA AT A GLANCE

In-depth Lean Healthcare Sessions!

“Creating a State of Healthcare Excellence”


Agenda Flow at a Glance

Monday- Keynotes

The Summit experience will start with our 3 Keynote Speakers! They bring diverse experience and passions to the table – you are certain to learn, grow and be challenged during these presentations.

EU Summit (11 of 16)


Come and listen to, and interact with, a variety of breakout sessions.  Dive deeper in conversation breakout rooms once the presentations for the day have concluded.  There will be no shortage of opportunities to network, idea share and be inspired with your peers.  


Identical opportunities to Tuesday’s sessions but with new content and presenters.  Come learn with us!



Hand-washing Video

As you watch this video, imagine your most experienced workers training others using this same, systematic way of training. Job Instruction is a skill that can be taught and the impact is dramatic!

...and so much more!

There are so many more amazing sessions in this event. Click below to view the full agenda or register to reserve your spot!

Virtual Indiana Lean Healthcare Summit - WHO IT'S FOR

Who will you find in attendance?

Lean champions, HR managers, Operations managers, and Training professionals who are charged with addressing challenges like these…

  • Inability to make and sustain improvements
  • Difficulty getting workforce engagement in daily improvements
  • Struggle to create a no-blame, respect for people culture

Steven Spear on TWI

Steven Spear, former TWI Summit presenter and author Chasing the Rabbit, Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System, and Learning to Lead at Toyota, had this to say about TWI…

“An essential ingredient in being competitive is having a reliable system for developing skills. This is where Training Within Industry comes in: Job Instruction training to bring novices up to speed, Job Methods training so they could be active agents in improving what they did and how they did it, and Job Relations training that teaches the foundations of positive employee relations.”
– Steven Spear, author Decoding the DNA of the TPS

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