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Respect for people is at the heart of our COVID-19 response. Our commitment is, first and foremost, to the safety of Summit attendees, presenters, and supporting staff. When this has been satisfied, our commitment is to the community’s learning and growth. With this guiding our ongoing decisions, as of now, the Summits below will take place as scheduled. There is much “unclear territory” between now and each event, so we continue to take small steps, learn as we go, and make the best decisions with the information at hand. We will continue to observe local government, health, and venue guidelines to provide best practices for gathering as safely as possible in groups. We will make public the safety measures put in place as each event draws near. And if things should change, as we gather new information, we’ll share this with the community as well. Stay tuned! Stay safe!

Annual Summits




July 29 – July 31, 2020

Orlando, FL (Disney Area)

September 17-18, 2020

Orlando, FL (Disney Area)

September 17-18, 2020

Orlando, FL (Disney Area)

October 29-30, 2020

Barcelona, Spain

March 8-9, 2021

Jekyll Island, GA

March 11-12, 2021

Jekyll Island, GA

April 28-29, 2021

Noblesville, IN

If you’re in a company and have a case study to share, let us know! You don’t have to be a professional speaker, just have a story of your work from the trenches… the good AND the bad. Not only will Summit attendees benefit from your story, but YOU will be receive back more than you gave. We hear it time and time again, so let us know… use this simple form to be considered.  The most likely next step from us will be a request to facilitate a webinar.  See you at the Summit!

2020 Summit

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