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We are hard at work on an agenda for next year in beautiful Jekyll Island, Georgia! Come back soon for updated information.

2022 TWI Summit – March 14-15, 2022

KataCon8 – March 17-18, 2022

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What is KataCon?

KataCon is more than a conference. It’s where the practicing, or soon to be practicing, Kata Community gathers to share what they’re learning and the experiments they are running.

We're going virtual...
And we're excited about it!

Just because we can’t meet face-to-face in 2021 doesn’t mean we can’t “gather” and “share.” So please do that! Join your peers for a lively online learning and networking exchange. Join us for KataCon7, a Virtual “Pajama Pants” Summit.

Your KataCon7 Hosts…


It's been that kind of year!

Business on the top. Party on the bottom. It’s been an interesting year since we last met. Staying “humanly” connected through technology is less of a hobby and more of a necessity these days. Now it’s time for the Kata Community to benefit from technology to allow us to gather for a fun, inspiring, educational, networkity-kind-of-event! Join us for the first, and hopefully ONLY,  Virtual Pajama Pants Kata Summit!
Let’s make the best out of the opportunity. Think about it… No airfare! No hotel! No time out of the office! Yet the SAME learning as before. Those are positives on which to hang our hats (or PJs)!

Join us for KataCon7!


Meet your KataCon7 presenters.

We’ve assembled a unique mix of presenters to share designed to inspire, challenge, and engage.


KataCon7 at a Glance

An online experience is certainly different than in-person, but it doesn’t have to be less valuable.
Through many conversations and surveys, we’ve built a program that makes this event valuable to the Kata Community in ways you’ve shared are most meaningful.

Presentations of Kata Applied
Hear practitioners from across the globe share their stories of Kata applied.
Be inspired and challenged.

Live Conversations with Presenters
Drop in and out of “Zoom Breakout Rooms” to interact directly with each presenter… (and each other).
Session Recordings
Want to review a session again? All sessions will be recorded and available to you for 3-months of unlimited viewing.

Official KataCon SWAG Bag
The first 50 participants will receive the official KataCon7 SWAG bag with traditional pins, stickers, pens, and more!

Prizes and Fun
We’ll have many giveaways and fun surprises during each and every session. Tune in each day to see what’s in store!

Snapshots from past KataCons,
where the Kata Community Gathers!


Wide variety of sessions!

We’ve assembled an interesting and compelling set of presenters to both inspire and challenge you.

Monday, March 15 - Day 1

12:00PM – 2:15PM EST: Welcome, Keynotes, and Discussion Rooms

  • Welcome & Summit Opening with KataCon7 Hosts…
    Deondra Wardelle & Tilo Schwarz
  • BJ Fogg – Opening Remarks with Author of Tiny Habits
  • Oscar Roche, Level Set – Confirming the “why” & a 4-Step Review
  • Dr. Jeffrey Liker, author of the just-released, 2nd edition of The Toyota Way.
  • Pam White, Pivoting Leadership Style Amidst a Burning Ship

3:00PM – 4:30PM EST: Kata Geek Meetup

  • This is YOUR chance to be on the presentation team! All attendees who wish to be considered will be asked to submit a proposal to present at the Kata Geek Meetup. Organizers will select 5-7 presenters to make their 5-minute presentations.

Special Keynote by BJ Fogg, author of Tiny Habits and presenter of the wildly popular YouTube video, Forget big change, start with a tiny habit.

Tuesday, March 16 - Day 2

12:00PM – 2:15PM EST: Welcome, Keynotes, and Discussion Rooms

  • Welcome & Summit Opening with KataCon7 Hosts…
    Deondra Wardelle & Tilo Schwarz
  • Tracy Defoe, Out of the Shadows; Finding support for your Kata in Secret
  • Andrea Lee & Raaghavan Venkatram, Moving Beyond the 20 Minute Coach
  • Sylvain Landry & Marc-Olivier Legentil, KataLAB: Practicing Kata on a real process & for a good cause

Wednesday, March 17 - Day 3

12:00PM – 2:15PM EST: Welcome, Keynotes, and Discussion Rooms

  • Welcome & Summit Opening with KataCon7 Hosts…
    Deondra Wardelle & Tilo Schwarz
  • Calvin Williams, A Case Study in Enterprise Kata
  • Gemma Jones, Microlearning – How (and why) to build a habit of daily reflection into your Kata coaching practice
  • Dorsey Sherman, Are You Coaching for Compliance or Compassion? 

Thursday, March 18 - Day 4

12:00PM – 2:15PM EST: Welcome, Keynotes, and Discussion Rooms

  • Welcome & Summit Opening with KataCon7 Hosts…
    Deondra Wardelle & Tilo Schwarz
  • Richard Davidson & Brandon Brown, How TWI & Kata turned the ‘Tables’ on a Small, Growing Consumer Products Company
  • Michael Casten, Crew Centered Construction
  • Sam Wagner, Integrating Toyota Kata & TWI – A Synthesis for Success
  • Leigh Ann Schildmeier, Strive Fore 5: Coach as Learner

Friday, March 19 - Day 5

12:00PM – 2:15PM EST: Welcome, Keynotes, and Discussion Rooms

  • Welcome & Summit Opening with KataCon7 Hosts…
    Deondra Wardelle & Tilo Schwarz
  • Mark Rosenthal, Mindset? Tools? Both!
  • Stefan Martiyan, Kata’s Influence Deploying a Lean Management System at the United State EPA
  • Tilo Schwarz, Closing Observations

Optional Deep Dive Workshops (TWI & Kata)

10-Hour TWI Job Instruction

  • April 7-9
  • TWI Institute 10-Hour Job Instruction Certificate
  • 5, 2-hour sessions
  • Virtual delivery
  • Fee: $995

10-Hour TWI Job Relations

  • April 14-16
  • TWI Institute 10-Hour Job Relations Certificate
  • 5, 2-hour sessions
  • Virtual delivery
  • Fee: $995

10-Hour Kata Training

  • April 21-23
  • TWI Institute 10-Hour Kata Certificate
  • 5, 2-hour sessions
  • Virtual delivery
  • Fee: $995

Toyota Kata Strengthens the Application of A3 Problem-Solving

  • March 25, 2021,
    12:00PM – 2:00PM
  • Facilitated by Oscar Roche and Gene Kaschak
  • 2-hour session
  • Virtual delivery
  • Fee: $295

The Kata Dojo Workshop – Developing & Scaling World-Class Coaching Skills

  • April 12 & 13, 2021,
    12PM EDT–2PM EDT
  • Facilitated by Tilo Schwarz
  • 2, 2-hour sessions
  • Virtual delivery
  • Fee: $500

Online Kata Course

Kata Knowledge Certification
$ 245 On-demand Course
  • New to Toyota Kata? Consider this an important prerequisite to the Summit.
  • $50 off the standard course fee
  • Why Toyota Kata? (42:38)
  • Setting a Challenge/Goal (37:45)
  • Grasping the Current Condition (24:03)
  • Setting the First Target Condition (37:15)
  • Experiment Toward Target Condition (36:17)
  • Session 6: Wrap-up (20:34)


Full Summit Experience
$ 695 All Access Pass
  • 5 days of keynote sessions
    March 15-19, 2021
  • 5 days of discussion rooms
  • Kata Geek Meet-up Presentations & Networking
  • Opportunity to serve as a presenter during the Kata Geek Meet-up
  • Access to recordings for 3-months of unlimited viewing
  • Set of Zoom Backgrounds to choose for video sessions
  • First 50 registrants receive a KataCon SWAG Bag full of pins, pens, stickers, and more.
  • Access to all TWI Summit sessions taking place the March 8-12, 2021.

K & J-Training

5x2, 10-hour Certification Course
$ 995 All roads lead to practice.
  • 5 sessions, 2-hours each session
  • Course delivered by experienced Kata Coach from the TWI Institute
  • Participants receive a 10-hour Toyota Kata Certification, Job Instruction Certification, or Job Relations Certification following the course
  • Job Instruction Course - April 7-9
  • Job Relations Course - April 14-16
  • Kata Course - April 21-23

Lights, camera, action!

We’re looking to create a sense of community, much the same as an in-person KataCon. To that end we’re asking participants to turn on webcams and even connect in smaller breakout rooms. See you in March!

Fun with our friend Becca...

Becca is running late for the Summit

Becca is the first to arrive at the Summit

Becca is a bit nervous for the Summit

Becca wears her fancy slippers to the Summit

Becca wears her sweats to the Summit

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5 Question Mug

Just for fun, we created a 5 Question Mug and gave them to the first 5 people to register. If you missed out, you can get your own mug for only $12.99 through the on-demand service CafePress.


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