10-Hour Job Instruction Class

Taught by a TWI Institute Certified Trainer

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April 7-9, 2021 (10 hours over 2.5 days)



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Introduction to Job Instruction

Job Instruction training (JI) is foundational because it builds stability in your processes. JI trains your people to breakdown a given job and develop the “one best way” to do it, then in turn, train others to perform that job the “one best way” – consistently and repeatably. Process stability is generated across all workers, at all times and lays a solid foundation for continuous improvement programs.

Our End-to-End programming assures adoption and continuation of the benefits of TWI and Job Instruction. Your TWI Institute coach will meet with management, managers, trainers, supervisors and team leaders, to observe your TWI JI implementation. Your coach will gauge progress, identify problems, suggest solutions and help realign goals.

What Job Instruction Covers…

Job Instruction, as is the case with all TWI Institute programs, is focused on the people who supervise the workers and the workers themselves. Its emphasis is not only on building skills, but also on building confidence – in what the job entails, how to do it the one best way, and why. What’s more, JI provides a proven and reliable system for elevating the kind of employee engagement and participation that advances ongoing or planned continuous improvement, kaizen, lean and operational excellence initiatives.

  • Getting the worker interested in learning the job
  • Breaking down jobs into the into the “one best way” – What, How and Why
  • Presenting the process and demonstrating the “one best way”
  • Teaching the process and empowering the worker to “learn by doing”
  • Checking progress, coaching the worker and encouraging questions

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