10-Hour Toyota Kata
Essentials Class

Taught by a TWI Institute Certified Trainer

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April 21-23



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10-Hour Toyota Kata
Essentials Class​

Essential Kata training is foundational because it teaches your people how to think about improvements in a structured, scientific manner. Essential Kata follows the proven format of our traditional TWI programs — two hours per session for five sessions. It demonstrates fundamental Kata concepts, scientific thinking and key behavioral principles. The Improvement Kata segment of the program provides expert guidance in establishing current and target conditions, identifying obstacles and PDCA-based experimentation. An important part of this learn-by-doing program is practicing the Coaching Kata while being mentored by TWI Institute Certified Trainers. Upon completion, your people will have the knowledge and skills for immediate Kata development and implementation.

Our end-to-end programming assures adoption and continuation of the benefits of Essential Kata. Your TWI Institute coach will meet with management, managers, trainers, supervisors and team leaders to observe your implementation. Your coach will gauge progress, identify problems, suggest solutions and help realign goals.

What we will cover…

Essential Kata, as is the case with all TWI Institute programs, is focused on the people who supervise the workers and the workers themselves. Its emphasis is not only on building skills, but also on empowering the worker to “learn by doing.” What’s more, Essential Kata provides a proven and reliable model for elevating the kind of employee engagement, problem solving and creativity that advances ongoing or planned continuous improvement, kaizen, lean and operational excellence initiatives.

  • Building capability by extending people beyond their knowledge threshold
  • Understanding and practicing the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata patterns
  • Comprehending the dynamics of a challenge and the importance of setting challenges
  • Grasping the nature of the current condition and the associated metrics that define it
  • Why identifying and removing obstacles is key to eliminating waste
  • Understanding the importance of experiments and small steps
  • Checking progress, coaching the worker and encouraging questions

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