10-Hour Job Relations Class

Taught by a TWI Institute Certified Trainer

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April 14-16



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Introduction to Job Relations

Job Relations (JR) teaches the essentials of leadership and positive employee interactions. Developing and maintaining constructive relationships prevents problems from arising that hinder better performance and improvement. JR lays the groundwork for building another layer of stability into your processes, supported by an atmosphere richer in team spirit and collaboration.

Job Relations emphasizes “Respect for People”. It trains and coaches supervisors how to handle problems, how to prevent them from occurring, and, most importantly, it aids in developing a logical, common sense approach to handling issues with a people-centric view. The core elements of the program are proven to inspire consensus building and individual problem solving.

Like all TWI Institute programs, Job Relations focuses on supervisors, team leaders and the workers themselves. In addition to solving and preventing problems with people, JR demonstrates how teamwork can achieve key goals for output, quality, safety and cost reduction.

What we will cover…

  • Recognizing problems, issues and conflicts early on; noting opportunities to further improve working relationships
  • Defining clear and measurable objectives
  • Collecting all the facts, including opinions and feelings
  • Weighing and deciding on possible solutions
  • Determining the best action to take
  • Monitoring and checking results
  • Comparing results to objectives
  • Developing leaders and leadership techniques

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