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Top 15 Lean Conferences of 2020

  There is no shortage of lean-related events in 2020, from small regional conferences, to workshops, to large international events that draw the world’s top

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The Meta-Patterns of Innovation

by Mark Rosenthal When we study organizations whose performance stands out among their peers, we tend to try to understand the structural patterns of what

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Zambian Internship

By Garek Huntzinger

In June of 2017, I spent a little over five weeks in Zambia, Africa on a self-led internship. I left home on May 25th, and got home on July 6th. This was my forth time visiting Africa, but the first time I stayed more than two weeks and the first time I worked there. The previous times had been visits with my father and sister. We were visiting the Enrights. My family has been close friends with them for many years. While I worked on their farm called Rivendell, I learned many things about the culture in Zambia, and how different …

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