Lean, Economics, and Healthcare? A Lean Frontiers Perspective.

Blog Post by Jim Huntzinger, President and Founder of Lean Frontiers, Inc.

In the lean community, there has been significant work in healthcare.  Compared to only a decade ago, there are a variety of excellent examples of healthcare organizations learning, practicing, improving, and operating with lean practices in place.  Lean Frontiers applauds these efforts and has had the opportunity to showcase many at our Summits, on our webinars, and even, as we move into more online activity, virtual events.  We want to keep the momentum moving forward; as well as the learning and practicing increasing and improving.  Lean Frontiers has launched a new Summit to help facilitate this, the Indiana Lean Healthcare Summit.  This event is an opportunity for healthcare organizations in Indiana to share, learn, and grow in their efforts (and, of course, we would welcome healthcare practitioners from anywhere).  We do plan to remain focused geographically in Indiana with this Summit.

With this said, Lean Frontiers has also been working on another front: lean and economics.  While lean business practices are the best business model we are aware of, and we will continue to build communities within the lean community; good economic models can, and do, have a much larger impact on communities and societies than good, or even, the best business model.  That is why we have been working on lean and economic models to create the most robust business and economy structures anywhere.

In business and industry today there are many who have developed a good understanding of what it is to be a lean enterprise.  But, we do have much more work to do in this arena.  In economics, there are very few that have the unique understanding of good economic models, and even fewer who understand the integration of a good business model (lean) functioning within a good economic model.  This is where Lean Frontiers is engaging on the forefront to develop this knowledge, practices, and eventually deployment in business and industry.  Our entry point has been with healthcare.  Look for activities around lean and economics in healthcare coming from us in the near future.  We certainly hope you will be a part of this new and upcoming community.

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