$600 million in new sales, and thousands in saved lives – that is the value of my learnings at LPPDE

NOTE from Lean Frontiers: The following was an email sent by our friends at the Lean Product & Process Development Exchange. It’s a testament to the power of “The Exchange” run BY independent lean product development proponents FOR lean product development proponents. Lean Frontiers is pleased to partner with LPPDE on next month’s LPPDE North America 2019, October 21-24, 2019, Jekyll Island, GA (north of Jacksonville, FL). Learn more… https://www.lppde.org/LPPDE-North-America-2019-Jekyll-Island.


Hello product developers, designers and R&D leaders!

My first visit to LPPDE helped me understand enough to kick off a Lean journey at Pfizer R&D.  Within 3 years, my team of 5 people had accelerated products to market generating nearly hundreds million in additional sales, and saving thousands of cancer and heart patient lives.  While cutting time to market, designing better treatments and improving innovation, we also made it easier for researchers to innovate, collaborate and engage with patients.

That was the best ROI of any conference I have ever attended, and this year’s speakers are here to deliver the goods again.  At LPPDE this year, you will learn:

  1. How to create options that ensure product success
  2. How to align scientists, engineers and designers for breakthrough ideas – and deliver them
  3. How to create a culture that maximizes knowledge worker productivity
  4. How to do all of the above quickly, effectively and with your current staff

Join me at the conference that helped me transform a major R&D organization, and can help you at whatever scale of innovation your organization desires. LPPDE North America 2019 (Jekyll Island, GA, October 21-24, 2019)

Best regards,

Terry Barnhart
Formerly head of Agile R&D at Pfizer
Currently head of process and cultural excellence at Sandoz Inc.

Learn more about LPPDE North America 2019, behind held in Jekyll Island, GA, October 21-24, 2019. www.lppde.org

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