What is Skills Lab?

This is a gathering of those seeking to learn, practice, create a deployment plan and then sustain the use of skills for a continuous improvement environment.  We will be focused on learning and hands-on practice of  TWI, Toyota Kata, and Coaching and how the application and interplay of these skills give an organization the ability to build a culture of continuous improvement at all levels.  You will practice and learn through many iterations of the skills.  Also, you will be applying these skills on the real-life simulator led by seasoned presenters/trainers who have a unique blend of expertise and mastery building the TWI, Toyota Kata, and Coaching skills in organizations.

What sets this learning opportunity apart is the focus we will have on deployment.  

October 17-19, 2023

What is Skills Lab?

Watch this video to learn more and hear from Scott, Cheryl, Patrick, Sam, & Jim!

Learning Objective of the Skills Summit

Creating a culture of continuous improvement is a struggle for many organizations.  The Skills Summit will teach the “skills” of continuous improvement in a hands-on, learn-by-doing environment practicing the application and interplay between the continuous improvement skills of TWI (Job Instruction, Job Methods & Job Relations) and Toyota Kata (Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata).  Gaining knowledge, and especially direct experience, is critical to success of building a culture through the practice of continuous improvement.

You will be taught, coached, and trained by seasoned trainers on each skill through a series of presentations and practice sessions to identify and hone-in on each of the skills.  This special hybrid lab combines training sessions with practice sessions.  It is like an active Summit and workshop rolled into an intensive learn-by-doing delivery of the skills and how they complement and interact to build an improvement culture.

The Skills Summit will teach these skills, in part, through many practice iterations on the Skillpoint simulator (see below for details).  Participants will leave with experience and confidence to utilize all the continuous improvement skills to create a culture of continuous improvement in their own organizations.


Meet your Facilitators.

Take a look!

This video below features drone footage of the SkillPoint simulator. This is the environment in which you’ll learn the continuous improvement skills of TWI (JI, JM, & JR) and Toyota Kata (improvement kata & coaching kata) through multiple rounds of experiments toward target conditions. It doesn’t get any more real than this!

Skills Summit

Transformation Starts with YOU!

You will walk away from this intensive practice Lab with the confidence, skills and knowledge to immediately begin leading and training others toward their own Target Conditions. To get you there, you’ll participate in a world-class simulation where you’ll learn and immediately practice the foundational skills of continuous improvement, over and over again.

A Skills Summit so realistic you may be eligible for wages and benefits!


The Skills Summit is designed, delivered, and supported through a partnership with Lean Frontiers, the TWI Institute, and the Center for Employee Development. This partnership brings experiences of focused lean training, solid instructional methodologies, and first-hand experience working with Toyota.


  • Learn and practice the skills of Job Instruction, Job Methods, Job Relations, the Improvement Kata, and the Coaching Kata
  • Hands-On Lean Operational Training (CLICK HERE for more information)
  • Integrating TWI and Kata Skills as the Foundation to Continuous Improvement
  • Developing the Foundational Skill for Lean System & Operational Design and Culture Development

Who would benefit?

  • Executives, Managers, Directors, and Leaders responsible for, and desiring to, develop a culture of continuous improvement in their organizations.
  • Coaches and Trainers tasked with developing skill sets to solve problems, develop leaders, and build continuous improvement behaviors in their organizations.
  • Those responsible for getting their workforce engaged at all levels using skill sets which transform and improve
  • Lean Leaders, HR Leaders, and Key Managers engaged in day-to-day operation and functions which impact and guide their organization’s culture
  • Anyone seeking to gain dexterity in their skill sets specific to problem solving, coaching and process improvement

Prerequisite knowledge of TWI and/or KATA is not mandatory to participate in SkillsLab; but, helpful.

As such, a complementary registration to both the TWI and KATA knowledge certificate courses will be provided to you once you have signed up for SkillsLab. 

Instructions to access theses online courses will be sent to you by  email.  You can use them to level set your knowledge base prior to SkillsLab, or not.  That’s entirely up to you. 

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