Developing Team Leaders in an ‘differently abled’ environment

Griffith Post School Options (GPSO) is an organization that recognized early on that risk will be best managed through the knowledge, skills and actions of their Frontline Leaders.

While the daily deliverable for GPSO is positive ‘participant outcomes’ and for every interaction for this to be the underlying intent, this must be done in an environment where the risk to the general wellbeing of participants and staff is sufficiently mitigated.

Coupled with that above, by late 2019 GPSO participant numbers were rapidly growing. Growth and risk were heading for a clash! Does that sound familiar?

In February 2020, a Situation Analysis was conducted where the objective was twofold:

  • With a view to providing a pathway toward building “practical compliance” and therefore better management of risk, examine day to day operations and how they link to policies and procedures already existing.
  • Introduce key stakeholders to concepts and methods that, if applied, will assist GPSO to achieve one of their objectives being reduced risk.

In March 2020 TWI Institute Australia and NZ commenced work with GPSO (contained within a One-Page-Plan) with the guiding purpose being:

  • With respect to risk management, build the capability of new Team Leaders (primarily) in building continuing alignment to system content at the “coalface”.

The first training then mentoring cycle was based around the skill of instructing using TWI Job Instruction as the practice method. The existing 3 Team Leaders were involved (Hanna, Tess, Catherine plus members of management). Then covid hit! Consequently, all mentoring immediately went to ‘live online’ so momentum wasn’t lost. Along side this Josephine (admin) focussed on building a software system to plan, manage and track training.

Around May 2020 a second group of Team Leaders were appointed (Brooke, Colleen, Cassie and Marc) making a total of 7. A training and mentoring cycle followed for all 7 focussing on the skill of leading using TWI Job Relations as the practice method. The second group of 4 then did their ‘skill of instructing’ (Job Instruction).

The last program all 7 did together was developing a program of Leader Standard Work. Other skills such as risk assessment was focussed on with support people. All the while, because of the excellent service being provided, participant numbers continued growing!

I’m sure readers of this will be thinking ‘well, what happened, what was the result?’ Or what happened along the way? Or perhaps you have other questions?

Here’s your opportunity. Join Josephine, Hannah and Brooke on 17 June (2pm EST) and hear what they have to say. Click here to register and submit your question.

Oscar Roche

*the above photo is a sign at a car park in Sri Lanka*

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