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Thanks for Giving!

February 17-18, 2020 Austin, TX February 20-21, 2020 Austin, TX What is Lean Accounting? What is Lean HR? What is Lean Product Development? What is

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Top 15 Lean Conferences of 2020

  There is no shortage of lean-related events in 2020, from small regional conferences, to workshops, to large international events that draw the world’s top

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Muda in the Business Case

BY GARY KAPANOWSKI AND BENJAMIN B. BENSON To really capture the current scenario in the lean community, we turn to this age-old maxim: To be

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Accounting for the Right Reasons

By Jim Huntzinger Jim Huntzinger is founder of the annual Lean Accounting & Management Summit. Read Jim’s article titled “Accounting for the Right Reasons” published

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Decoding Value at the Source

By Tom Jackson Tom Johnson has been a fixture at the annual Lean Accounting & Management Summit. Read Tom’s article on “Lean Production Metrics” published

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