2022 Virtual Lean Leadership Week BY LEAN FRONTIERS

Lean leadership week

What is Lean Leadership Week?

Lean Leadership Week is an annual gathering of those seeking to learn, implement, and sustain successful lean transformations in order to address some of the most common challenges in lean organizations. The Summit highlights companies who are addressing these challenges through Lean Accounting, Lean HR, Lean Management, and Lean People Development.

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SPEAKING AT THE 2022 Virtual Lean Leadership Week

Meet the speakers.

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2022 Virtual Lean Leadership Week AGENDA AT A GLANCE

In-depth sessions for the entire enterprise

Lean Accounting, Lean HR, Lean Operations, Lean Leadership, and much, much more.

Pre Summit Workshops

Begin your summit experience with purpose at one of our pre-summit workshop offerings.  This can be the first step to enhancing your overall learning experience at the summit.


Monday - Day 1

The Summit kicks off with keynotes from lean pioneers, thought leaders and practitioners.

Tuesday- Day 2

Day 2 starts with cornerstone classes, ending the day with breakout sessions and networking opportunities. 

2021 United in Care Summit (2)

Wednesday- Friday

The last 3 days will be filled with breakout sessions, plenty of networking and Q & A.

2022 Virtual Lean Leadership Week - WHO IT'S FOR

Who will you find in attendance?

Lean champions, HR managers, Operations managers, and Training professionals who are charged with addressing challenges like these…

  • Inability to make and sustain improvements
  • Difficulty getting workforce engagement in daily improvements
  • Struggle to create a no-blame, respect for people culture

CEO, CFO, COO, Controllers, Plant Managers, Lean Champions, Senior Leaders of each business unit) Lean champions, and more who are charged with addressing challenges like these…

  • Accurately measuring lean gains
  • Motivating lean behaviors by tracking and publishing business metrics
  • Gaining alignment with corporate strategy (Hoshin) across the organization

...and so much more!

There are so many more amazing sessions in this event. Click below to view the full agenda or register to reserve your spot!

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