United in Care Summit BY LEAN FRONTIERS

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Freedom Doc: Direct to Consumer Healthcare

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Chris Habig                                                                                                                          Lou Flaspohler                                                                                                             Jim Huntzinger

Co founder & CEO of Freedom Healthworks                            Director of Rheumatology Department                                         President/ Founder Lean Frontiers
                                                                                                                                              The Christ Hospital 

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  • Over 6 hours of content
  • 12 presenters
  • Over 2 hours of deep discussion and networking

DPC- Direct Primary Care – October 22, 23, & 24

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Building the Direct to Consumer Healthcare Community

Direct care is an industry that utilizes clearly-priced, subscription-based primary care (DPC) and vastly lower cost, cash-based specialty and surgical care. The mission is to help consumers get the care they need from a trusted medical professional, when they need it, for a clear price, in a convenient manner. People and patients enjoy a superior care experience that delivers peace of mind, comfort, affordability and convenience without restrictions, barriers or frustration. This is the only care that is accessible to everyone. 

 Let’s show the nation that we are United in Care, working to nurture and unite direct primary care (DPC), direct surgical care, and direct specialty care.

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Direct care is defined by physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with the independence to prioritize
their patients’ health, value and convenience instead of a hospital’s bottom line. This represents a stark alternative to the surprise bills, barriers to care and high costs of healthcare’s disappointing status quo.

Direct care does not discriminate against insurance plans. It is the only experience that is open to everyone, everywhere. Member experience is elevated by education, familiarity, convenience, and trust. Everything is centered around the physician & patient relationship. When people can connect free of barriers, great things happen. 

SPEAKING AT THE United in Care Summit

Meet your Summit presenters.

We’ve assembled a unique mix of presenters to share designed to inspire, challenge, and engage.

United in Care Summit AGENDA AT A GLANCE

Wide variety of sessions!

We’ve assembled an interesting and compelling set of presenters to both inspire and challenge you.

Friday, October 22 - Day 1

12:00PM – 3:00PM EST: Welcome, Keynotes, and Discussion Rooms

  • Welcome & Summit Opening 
  • Adam Habig, A New Way
  • David Balat, Designing a New System 
  • Dr. Kendrick Johnson, Innovation with the New Incentives of Free Market Medicine 
  • Steve Diagostino, Financial Literacy for starting and running a Direct Patient Care Practice 

Saturday, October 23 - Day 2

12:00PM – 3:00PM EST: Welcome, Keynotes, and Discussion Rooms

  • Welcome & Summit Opening 
  • Diana Girnita, The Future of Specialists in Direct Care
  • Dr. Eric Inman, Why Do We Pay for Surgical Care Without Knowing the Price? 
  • Dr. Cristin Dickerson, Challenges in Referral Management
  • Kevin Day, Collaboration with Community- Based Pharmacies

Sunday, October 24 - Day 3

12:00PM – 2:30PM EST: Welcome, Keynotes, and Discussion Rooms

  • Welcome & Summit Opening 
  • Tony Dale, Awakening Employers Through Creative Outreach
  • James Dunavant, FMMA
  • Rebecca Kiesling, Sculpting Future Doctors

United in Care Summit

Full Summit Experience
$ 395 All Access Pass
  • 1 day of keynote sessions
    October 22
  • 3 days of breakout sessions
    October 22-24
  • 3 days of discussion rooms following keynotes and breakouts
  • Access to recordings for 3-months of unlimited viewing

Lights, camera, action!

We’re looking to create a sense of community, much the same as an in-person summit. To that end we’re asking participants to turn on webcams and even connect in smaller breakout rooms. See you in October!

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