Stop Believing Everything You Think!
…Then make better decisions.

A Lean Frontiers Online Workshop with Oscar Roche, TWI Institute

Over the last few years one of my biggest learnings has been how much I believed what I thought I saw and what I thought I heard … I jumped to some ‘not so good’ decisions.

If this might be you too, please watch this 2min clip to learn more.

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2×2-Hour Workshop…

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2×2-Hour Workshop

Over a span of 2 days, the workshop will dig deeper into the philosophies of the 5 Step Up model. You will see for yourself the application of Step Up 1 (development of Work Standards) and part of Step Up 2 on a live simulation alongside a manufacturing case study. You will have sufficient knowledge to try applying Step Up 1 yourself.

Additional Opportunity: Oscar, through the TWI Institute, is offering 6 personal follow-up coaching sessions for those interested in guidance and mentoring during the application of Step Up 1. If you are interested in this option, you can select your interest when registering. Oscar will follow-up with additional information on this unique opportunity.

“I appreciate your insight to help us stabilize our processes. My expertise is focused on operations. The initial Step Up 1 work on product and equipment has really helped me focus on what is important to the operators.”

Chris Gaechter,

Continuous Improvement Manager,
Continental Structural Plastics

“Without work standards there will be no standardized work.”
– Mr Isao Kato

Through practical application of Step Up 1 of the 5 Step Up model through 7 manufacturing and non-manufacturing sites through 2020, wow, does Mr Kato’s statement now make sense!

Through this live online and participatory workshop you will:

  • Be introduced to the 5 Step Up model.
  • Recognize the importance of Step Up 1 (establish Work Standards) and see the relevance in your own organizations.
  • Via a mini-simulation participate in establishing Work Standards sufficient for you to get started yourself.
  • Witness application of Step Up 1 via a case study.


Oscar Roche: TWI Institute

2 things that drive Oscar’s endeavors in building capability. 1) people must have trust in his intent; 2) nothing is more effective and liberating than saying “I’m not sure” then learning by doing.

As a Director of the Australian, New Zealand and South East Asian TWI Institute Global Partnership Oscar is mindful of these 2 things daily. He frequently quotes a manager he’s met who said “the more I know the more I realize I don’t know”. He feels that as long as he maintains that mindset he can be of service to others.

View the Standardization Webinar

View the Standardization Webinar by Oscar Roche which effectively frames up this workshop and personal coaching.

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