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Practicing Lean in the Accounting Function

A Lean Frontiers Online Workshop with Nick Katko and Mike DeLuca

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The overriding purpose and goal of lean thinking, in any industry, is to serve customers better. In financial accounting processes, what customers want is common knowledge, such as paying invoices on-time or closing the books quickly. In lean financial accounting, it’s about how to deliver these products and services in the least wasteful way possible. Lean accounting is about paying invoices on-time without having to get last minute approvals. Lean accounting is closing the books on-time without working punishing overtime.

In this workshop you will learn how to apply these four foundational practices in accounting processes:


  • Understanding Value. Accounting needs to think differently about who accounting’s customers are, what their needs are, and how accounting meets those needs.
  • Identifying Waste. Accounting needs to think differently about how it performs its work. What activities are really helping accounting serve its customers? What activities get in the way or slow down serving customer? Accounting may have gotten so used to these activities that they consider them to be “normal”.
  • Lean Measurement. Accounting needs to think differently about how to measure progress and results in a lean company, beyond the monthly financial statements.
  • Using PDCA. Accounting needs to think differently about managing and improving day-to-day work and how to begin eliminating all the activities that don’t serve its customers.

Practicing Lean in Accounting Practices - ABOUT THE FACILITATOR

Nick Katko + Mike DeLuca

Nick is President and owner of BMA. Since 2002, Nick and has leveraged his Lean Accounting experience and philosophy  in assisting BMA clients in developing, leading and coaching them in their Lean Accounting transformations. Clients Nick has served range of organizations world-wide from family-owned businesses to multi-national companies in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, software, engineering and service.

Nick is the co-author of  “Practicing Lean Accounting” with Mike De Luca and author of “The Lean CFO.”

Mike DeLuca has 25 years of experience including over 15 years of Finance leadership experience in the corporate environment. Prior to his work as a consultant, Mike served as Executive Director of Finance at Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, where he led the lean transformation of his own department, evolved the role of Finance to meet the changing needs of a lean organization, and co-led the transformation of the financial planning process to better align with the strategy deployment and continuous improvement cycles of the lean enterprise. Mike has a Master of Science in Finance degree, is a Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, and is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

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