In conjunction with the 2022 TWI Summit

TWI Master's Meet Up Series

A Lean Frontiers Online Series with Oscar Roche

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The Series…

These 3 dates will be interactive virtual sessions with your facilitator Oscar Roche. For those of you who attended the March 2021 Meetup we will continue where we left off – routine practice, TWI patterns being part of the whole, and our consideration of whether both are encompassed in Servant Leadership.’ For those who weren’t with us in March, we’d love you to join now.

These regular TWI Master Meet Ups will give TWI ‘enthusiasts’ the opportunity to continue learning and sharing throughout the year as well as annually at the Summit. Primarily the group as a whole will promote the benefits and rewards of practicing TWI skills and what they’ve learnt from doing so.

The anticipated benefits are:

  • Deepen our understanding of why we do something we are all passionate about.
  • Strengthen the TWI community network.
  • Set a platform for enhancing the live learning and sharing that takes place each year at the TWI Summit.

There's more!

This workshop is part of the 2021 Lean Coaching Summit! For more information on the Summit, click here.