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Here’s What a Few Lean Thought Leaders

Say About Lean Frontiers…


Mark Graban

“The team at Lean Frontiers deeply care about Lean and the rest of the Lean community. They’re collaborative and supportive of the work done by others, which is a big reason why I’m always happy to see them at events and to attend their events when I get the chance.”


Kevin Meyer

“It’s been a real pleasure working with the Lean Frontiers team for over a decade, not just because we share business goals but because they are truly interested in helping people and organizations succeed.”


Oscar Roche

“I’ve been collaborating with Lean Frontiers now for several years. Without exception they are efficient, friendly and accommodating, always easy to work with. Best 2 things of all for me – I’ve learnt a lot and broadened my horizons through our association.”


Drew Locher

“For over 15 years, Lean Frontiers has been at the forefront of applying lean concepts in all aspects of an enterprise. It has done so by building vibrant communities of practice in particular subject areas, and providing various forums for those communities to learn. I am proud to be part of the Lean Frontiers ‘family’ and its mission.”


Steve Brenneman

“I have very much enjoyed the interactions that I have had with the Lean Frontiers team. From participating in seminars there in Indy to being a part of the presentation lineup, everyone is so accommodating. I have developed friendships with everyone. As we figure out this lean thing, I know that I can count on Jim, Dwayne, Jaclyn and Amanda to support the work that we are doing with everything that they have. What a blessing they have been along the way!”


Skip Steward

“I truly cherish my relationships with the great folks at Lean Frontiers.  Most of the time when we are together we speak about everything but Lean.  I have had the privilege of getting to know each one of them which results in me calling them up throughout the year just to run an idea by them.  Great people and even better friends!”


Steve Player

“Thanks for all you and Dwayne and your entire team do to promote a community of lean experts. Many conference providers simple recruit speakers to fill their slots. First your very first event, I was impressed by the extra efforts you and your team have consistently made to cultivate a place where different voices and viewpoints came come together and discuss what each of us thinks about key topics of the day. Your efforts have expanded many horizons and turned acquaintances into friendships. Thanks for taking the lead in building this community.”


Michele Nash-Hoff

“One of the highlights of my last year was doing the podcast with you and Bill Waddell on the heart and soul of manufacturing.  We were so in-sync with our ideas that one person’s comment inspired another introspective comment by the others.  It’s a pleasure and an honor to be part of the Lean Frontiers community.”

joe m

Joe Murli

“Lean centers on people and gaining the best that all have to offer. I don’t know of a better group of people to emulate this ideal than the team at Lean Frontiers. I love working with these folks and simply being able to call them friends!”


Jean Cunningham

“Work is a burden for some. For others like my friends at Lean Frontiers, it is a pleasure.  I think that is why I feel so comfortable with and always look forward to working with them. We are on an enjoyable journey together and have become true friends over the years!  It’s a journey predicated on evolving lean methodology for sure, but is also a journey of life where we are all peers giving and receiving ideas and support freely and with enthusiasm in business and for pleasure. The entire staff at Lean Frontiers is a very important and wonderful part of my business family.”


Brandon Brown

“Over the past 5 years, I had the privilege of coming to know Jim Huntzinger and his staff at Lean Frontiers both as business colleagues and friends. He and his staff are always energetic and passionate about their services as well as the relationships they work hard to nurture and develop.  Jim understands that in life it’s about people and relationships you build that propel everyone forward. I count is as gain that I’ve had the opportunity to experience the value Jim and his team have added to my life!”


Jerry Solomon

“I’ve known Jim, Dwayne and the team from Lean Frontiers for over a decade and they are some of most sincere, helpful and knowledgeable people I’ve dealt with.  More importantly, they are good friends and share the same values.”


Scott Curtis

“I’ve worked with the folks at Lean Frontiers for almost ten years.  The relationship has grown to where Jim, Dwayne, Amanda and Jaclyn are more than just business partners.  They really feel like family – we seek out new adventures, work through problems together, argue, laugh and enjoy the journey. In the end, they are people you can trust.  Trust that the common goal is always more important than the individual needs, trust that no matter what happens they will always have your back, just like family.”