SkillPoint for Toyota Kata Experience - Lean Frontiers - Be Bold. Be Better.

What participants are say…

“This will help standardize training across the whole company so that our employees feel more valuable and are better trained, and understand their jobs better.”

“I’ve recommended this to a co-worker. The more people in my company that use the skills learned in this workshop, the faster our company culture can change.”

What do we mean by a hands-on learning experience?

You get to apply what you are learning in real time on a working assembly line (see video above). The assembly line will run multiple rounds over the three days giving you the opportunity to make improvements on your work based on the techniques learned during the workshop. After each round, you get real time results and track metrics.

Is your company asking the question “Where do we go from here on our lean journey?”

The answer for your next step is the Skillpoint Workshop. Skillpoint gives you a clear, practical understanding on how to utilize Kata for continuous improvement and the development of standard work. Collaborating as a group in applying the skills learned, you develop behavioral patterns to take back to your organization to create a lean culture and use to solve problems specific to your organization.

How do I apply what I learn at the Skillpoint Workshop back to my job?

Skillpoint gives you the tools and analytical skills you need to problem solve to your specific work. Through hands-on practice on a working assembly line under the coaching of experienced team leads and kata trainers, you can directly apply the practical knowledge and skills you learn in the workshop and take it to the next level to apply at your company.

Learn more about the Simulated Work Environment

The simulator has a long history, beginning at GM, used at Toyota, and now available to the public. Read The Origin of the Simulated Work Environment.