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Lean Product Development: On-line Event!

November 9, 2017
10:00AM – 3:30PM Eastern Time

Only $495 per device (unlimited attendance per device)
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The pace of business has steadily increased and will only accelerate in the coming years. What does this mean for Product Development? There is a relentless pressure to get newer and better products out the door more quickly. That’s the driving force behind Lean Frontiers Direct newest offering focused on Lean Product Development. Learn how you and your product development team can address these pressures through “lean thinking.” Learn how to remove obstacles more quickly, and as a result, find a newfound creativity, freedom, and innovation.

About the Agenda

Lean Frontiers, the Lean Product and Process Development Exchange, and Develop Lean are pleased to invite you to this convenient, on-line Summit to walk you through the broad understanding of Lean Product Development. Brought directly to your conference room, you and your team will be challenged to work through identifying, solving, and learning from problems with direct action steps that you can immediately implement into your current work.  Last past June, we had brought you a Direct event discussing the impact of Lean Product Development and its impact on the lean enterprise. This included some valuable tools to help deploy LPD. During this next round, we will give you insight and methods on the broader reach of LPD from a customer perspective and how to accelerate internal learning and processes for more rapid success and integration.  The final session brings together a summary of the day’s presentations in order for you to understand the system and what your organization will need to reach.  We look forward to you and your colleagues joining us to continue building a better lean enterprise and better product development.

Lean Product Development

November 9, 2017
10AM-3:30PM Eastern
Only $495 per device (unlimited attendance per device)

Organized in Cooperation with…

Opening Statements – 10:00AM – 10:10AM

Welcome Statements and Introduction to Lean Product Development
Dwayne Butcher & Dantar Oosterwal

SESSION 1 – 10:10AM – 10:50AM

Ron Marsiglio

Understand Your True Customer Interest and Stop Chasing Competitive Features
Ron Marsiglio

BREAK – 10:50AM – 10:55AM

SESSION 2 – 10:55AM – 11:35AM

Goran Gustafsson

Set-Based Thinking
Göran Gustafsson

BREAK – 11:35AM – 11:40AM

SESSION 3 – 11:40AM – 12:20PM

Suzanne von Egmond

Lean Scheduling
Suzanne van Egmond

LUNCH BREAK – 12:20PM-1:15PM

SESSION 4 – 1:15PM – 1:55PM

Bob Melvin

Filling Knowledge Gaps Through Rapid Learning
Bob Melvin

BREAK – 1:55PM – 2:00PM

SESSION 5 – 2:00PM – 2:40PM

Norbert Majerus

Increase Speed and Accelerate Innovation
Norbert Majerus

BREAK – 2:40PM – 2:45PM

SESSION 6 – 2:45PM – 3:25PM

Peter Palmer

Summing Up the System

Peter Palmér

WRAP-UP – 3:25PM – 3:30PM