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This workshop is held in conjunction with the 2021 Lean Leadership Week Event. Registration for the Summit is NOT required, but encouraged to enhance the complimentary nature of the Summit and Workshop. When registering simply select the options for which you wish to attend.

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About the Lean Management for Wellness Workshop

Learn how to apply Lean management principles and tools to help improve wellness. EPA’s Lean Management System (ELMS) relies on visual management, huddles, problem-solving, performance measurement, and celebrations to help EPA continuously improve and systematically achieve measurable results. If the Lean management system can help EPA improve processes and performance to better protect human health and the environment, then why can’t it help us improve other aspects of life like wellness?

What is wellness? If you search for the term “wellness” online, you will find it is not consistently defined the same way across disciplines, and many acclaimed educational and professional organizations have categorized wellness differently. While the meaning of the term is similar across various studies, ultimately the question is: “What does wellness mean to you?”

Attendees of this workshop will learn how to more effectively maintain and improve their wellness and/or help others improve their wellness by using and applying simple Lean principles and tools. The workshop will walk each attendee through the six steps to improve wellness, which are as follows:

  1. Define what wellness means to you;
  2. Determine how to measure your wellness;
  3. Set performance targets for your wellness goals;
  4. Routinely monitor actual performance in comparison to your wellness goals;
  5. Celebrate when wellness targets are met and when goals are achieved; and
  6. Take action when wellness targets are missed.

At the conclusion of the workshop, attendees will have completed steps 1-3 and established a plan to improve their wellness via steps 4-6.

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Stefan Martiyan

Stefan Martiyan is the Director of the EPA’s Office of Continuous Improvement (OCI). OCI’s mission is to help EPA continuously improve and systematically achieve measurable results through the agency-wide deployment of the EPA Lean Management System (ELMS). ELMS is a management system designed to use Lean process improvement principles and tools to help ensure that all parts of EPA set ambitious and achievable performance targets, measure their results, and improve their processes to bridge gaps between targets and results. ELMS relies on the use of visual management with regularly updated performance and workflow data to monitor progress toward achieving goals in EPA’s Strategic Plan. Under Stefan’s leadership, EPA is on track to successfully deploy ELMS to 80% of the agency (and to nearly 11,000 employees), which has resulted in over 500 process improvements and over 1,500 employee ideas implemented.


To further encourage and promote innovation at EPA, Stefan directed OCI to carve out time each week to pursue their passion, which has since been coined as everyone’s “passion project.” Stefan’s passion is wellness and more specifically, applying Lean concepts and tools to improve our ability to be well. Stefan’s application of Lean management to wellness helped him successfully complete a 100+ mile mountain run in the Shenandoah National Park last fall.


Stefan joined the EPA in 2008 as part of the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Government-wide Acquisition Management Intern Program, which also availed him the opportunity to work for the U.S. Department of Defense in support of the Pentagon on research and development projects, enterprise-wide IT-related acquisitions and facilities management. Prior to working for the federal government, he managed a private English language school in The People’s Republic of China.


Stefan graduated from the University of Maryland in College Park with a bachelor’s degree in Business Finance and received a Master’s Certificate in Government Contracting from George Washington University. He is the son of a retired Army officer and he now lives with his wife and two children in the Annapolis, MD area