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Cultural Transformation Through Culturally Responsible Lean​

2021 Lean Leadership Week Workshop

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This workshop is held in conjunction with the 2021 Lean Leadership Week Event. Registration for the Summit is NOT required, but encouraged to enhance the complimentary nature of the Summit and Workshop. When registering simply select the options for which you wish to attend.

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Cultural Transformation Through Culturally Responsible Lean​

About this workshop

Why social responsibility is important.

What is social responsibility and how does it enable Lean/ Six Sigma?

Who and what benefits from social responsibility?

Why influence is important and how to create it.

Unique methods to move stakeholders forward together.

A workshop demonstrating the impact of this approach on innovation, sustainability, individual growth, organizational alignment, risk mitigation, and cultural transformation.

Cultural transformation is a popular subject of discussion in organizations these days. Engagement, which is one of the primary benefits of a great culture, is an organizational differentiator. The global pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges across the board. However, every challenge is also an opportunity. Getting the best from every individual while respecting their differences is key to the ability to adapt and innovate and meet the requirements of our new conditions head on. Understanding and applying social responsibility principles, in addition to Lean Six Sigma, enables individuals to do their best work and feel good about it. Connecting individuals to your organization’s mission and values is one of the best ways to inspire their finest work. Please join me to learn how we created a highly engaged, socially responsible, Lean Six Sigma culture in Product Development at Interface and how you can too.

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Billy Ingram

Billy Ingram is an innovator in social responsibility, sustainability, and new business model creation. He strives to build more sustainable business models through the practical application of innovation frameworks, improvement methodologies and socially responsible engagement practices.

Billy earned a B.S. in Business Management and an MBA from Troy University. He is a Lean Six Sigma practitioner with over 25 years of experience and is passionate about applying these principles in a socially responsible manner in organizations. Between 2016 and 2020 Billy collaborated with the Sherpa Sustainability Institute to develop three new certifications using the CISR SOFAIR methodology, which is an exciting evolution of in the application Lean Six Sigma DMAIC. Most recently he has developed a virtual white belt webinar series introducing senior leaders and practitioners to this unique and emerging perspective which accelerates individual engagement, innovation, and the adoption of Lean Six Sigma principles.