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Mini Online Kata Practitioner Day: Focus on Coaching

November 22, 2019   •   10:00AM – 12:00PM Eastern Time   •   Price: Complimentary

Online Kata Practitioner Day: Focus on Coaching
November 22, 2019
10:00AM – 12:00PM Eastern Time

Price: Complimentary

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Online Kata Geek Meetup: A Focus on Coaching

Opening Statements


Welcome and Opening Statements
Dwayne Butcher



Oscar Roche  •  Director – Training Within Industry Institute and Visual Workplace Australasia

Toyota Kata Level Set

A discussion of scientific thinking, Toyota Kata, and why a structured approach is essential at the start.



Sam Wagner  •  Partner at SCI LLC – focused on the SCIence of CI & Training

Combining JR Foundations with (Toyota Kata) Coaching

The Foundations of Job Relations (JR) are the “must do’s” for developing good relations that form the basis for good supervision.  These same foundations are necessary for us to be effective in our Toyota Kata (TK) coaching, and for our Learners when working with their teams during their TK Improvement cycle.

During this webinar, we will review the JR Foundations with the following objectives:

  • Begin to understand the value of using the JR Foundations to prepare for your TK Coaching,
  • Learn some ways to explicitly apply the Foundations during the Toyota Kata coaching cycles, and
  • Consider ways to reinforce the JR Foundations with your Learners to help them improve in getting results through people.



Joakim Bjurström •  Director and Senior Consultant at Business Through People

Coach the Coach

Coaching in isolation doesn’t work so well. A coach of the coach helps ensure a scientific, systematic approach to coaching and human development. As Mike Rother keeps on saying ”Be a coach, have a coach!”

Through knowledge and practical examples you will learn:

  • How scientific thinking and experimenting also comes into 2nd coaching
  • That systems thinking is vital for 2nd coaching
  • Practical tips for 2nd coaches and common mistakes you can avoid.