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C O M P E T E N C Y  =  K N O W L E D G E  +  S K I L L  +  B E H A V I O R

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Oscar Roche
Director, TWI Institute Australia Director


Joakim Bjurström
Master Trainer JI

Sam Wagner

Sam Wagner
Director of Continuous Improvement and Training for FAST Global Solutions


Scott Laundry
Senior Project Manager for the TDO MEP Center

In 2009 Mike Rother identified a very large, and until then, missing piece of the “lean jigsaw puzzle” that very, very few companies manage to fully put together. Through his book “Toyota Kata” we learned of 2 key behavioral patterns that until then we’d allowed to be hidden by our detailed examination of just the tools – the things we could easily see and thus easily copy. Or so we thought …

Acquiring Toyota Kata knowledge in advance will build a greater understanding that will accelerate your skill development. We are all more motivated to learn if we understand.

Organizational benefits like momentum and sustainability will grow as more individuals gain this knowledge.

By enrolling here you will have access to many combined years of experienced Toyota Kata practitioners condensed into 200 minutes of discussion and an hours worth of questions framed by Oscar Roche, a TWI Institute Toyota Kata Master Trainer. You may also access a Free Preview being a summary of the content drawn from Oscars closing remarks of the live webinar on Dec 18, 2018.

Along with several case study examples, you will be taken through the why of Toyota Kata, followed by a session on each of the 4 steps of the Improvement Kata. Oscar Roche and Joakim Bjurström (TWI Institute Toyota Kata Master Trainers) are joined by Sam Wagner from Fast Global Solutions, a very experienced practitioner and Scott Laundry from the TWI Institute Syracuse. Scott is a very active coach and second coach in many organizations as well as being an Institute Toyota Kata 10-Hour Trainer.

Our system is an efficient and effective way of learning about Toyota Kata if reading is not your thing. You can “come and go” as you please.

Our Toyota Kata Knowledge Certificate system is ideally suited for:

  • An organization in the early stages of “investigating Toyota Kata”. In this case those charged with the evaluation will gain a thorough feel for what it is all about and the potential benefits they can realize.
  • An organization including Toyota Kata Knowledge Certification for all individuals as a pre-requisite to 10-Hour classes in its “practice plan”.
  • Individuals who work in any organization expanding their Toyota Kata skill base. In this case individuals having completed the Toyota Kata Knowledge Certification will arrive at their skill training with an excellent grounding in Toyota Kata principles.


Single User Pricing:

  • $295USD.

Bulk/Group Pricing:
You will receive an email within 24 hours of purchase with a Coupon Code to unlock the appropriate number of courses purchased.

  • $2,800USD for a 10 User bundle
  • $6,750USD for a 25 User bundle
  • $13,000USD for a 50 User bundle