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Can I Coach You Out of Lean Coaching?
(and other treacherous thoughts)

A Lean Frontiers Online Workshop with Beau Keyte

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As more and more of the global workforce finds creative ways to work outside the office or plant, what are the managers doing differently? This unwanted pandemic may be giving us a rare opportunity to challenge how we manage and lead now that the many of the people we manage and lead are no longer in sight!

This workshop will discussing and begin work on a key question: what management work should we STOP doing? 

My goal is to challenge you in the work you do that may no longer be necessary in order to increase your capacity for coaching and development. 

You will receive an interactive nudge to:

  • Challenge the work you do,
  • Identify work you can modify or eliminate, and
  • Run pilots or experiments to measure the success of these changes.

Can I Coach You Out of Lean Coaching? - ABOUT THE FACILITATOR

Beau Keyte

Beau began his “lean” consulting career in the mid-80’s in the automotive industry, transitioned to adapting lean techniques to service and administrative processes in 1992, and has since progressed from implementing tools and techniques to developing and teaching the kind of self-sufficient thinking that challenges work and management processes, improves organizational performance and alignment, and sustains culture change.  He now spends most of his time creating new ways for organizations to succeed within strategic transformation efforts. 

 In addition to assisting companies in implementing lean strategies, he is a faculty member and instructor for curriculums at the Lean Enterprise Institute, the University of Dayton, and the Shingo Prize Institute.  Beau is the co-author of a number of journal articles and the Shingo-prize winning books The Complete Lean Enterprise: Value Stream Mapping for Office and Services (2nd Edition 2016); and Perfecting Patient Journeys (2012).

Beau holds BSE and MBA degrees from the University of Michigan.

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This workshop is part of the 2021 Lean Coaching Summit! For more information on the Summit, click here.