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The Kafakumba Pastors School began in Congo, Africa, over 50 years ago.  From it has sprung a huge variety of work, projects, development, and, of course, decades of training Pastors in Central Africa.  Since the Pastors School has been anchored in Zambia for the past 20 years many missional works and economic development projects have grown from it and continue to grow and expand; and mostly importantly, directly impact the lives of Africans.  Watch the videos below to learn more about what all is happening now and for the future of Central Africa and the Kafakumba Pastors School.

Kafakumba Pastors School Introduction

Children’s Ministry and School

Kafakumba Development Projects Fund

Other Economic Activities

Health Clinic

Women’s Shelter

Retirement Facility

The Next Generation Continues the Work

How to Get Involved

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