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Lean Frontiers Global Engagement
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Lean Frontiers is actively engaged in the research and exploration of a variety of activities inside and outside the lean community.  Both types of work involve lean in non-lean ventures, as well as non-lean activities in non-lean ventures.  We take a broader look at our community and the world overall to work toward improving, learning, and sharing knowledge and skills.  We not only focus on whether it is specifically lean, but we also include undertakings that are good knowledge and practices worth sharing.  In these works we collaborate with a variety of partners to explore history (in regards to lean, manufacturing, economics, and of the United States), economic development (both domestic and abroad), and education.  We are committed to continually work to deepen the discovery and knowledge in these area and to share the findings and lessons to further others in their own journeys in economic development, education, or lean development.  Come with us as we continue to engage with others in these ventures to gain knowledge and lessons to further the prosperity of others.

Areas in which Lean Frontiers is active…