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What Is Lean Frontiers Direct?

Lean Frontiers Direct is a LIVE, ONLINE event, facilitated by a team of thought leaders, and delivered directly to your conference room, laptop, or phone. View the video above for a good overview.

Each Direct event is laser-focused on specific topic within the larger lean body of knowledge, designed to reach every silo of your organization (accounting, HR, IT, sales/marketing, supply chain, product development, etc.), and give them specific culture-developing, improvement sustaining skills (leadership, coaching, Kata, TWI, etc.). Think of it as a world-class conference with the convenience of an interactive webinar in your office.

How many can participate?

Lean Frontiers Direct aims to capture the best of an in-person conference. While you CAN participate by yourself, our aim is for you to participate with OTHERS in your company, or event outside your company (suppliers, customers?). For that reason, we have priced Direct events with flat-rate pricing. Each “connection” is a flat fee of $495.

What is a “connection”? A connection might be someone watching on their phone. Or 3 people watching on a laptop. Or better yet, 50 people watching in a conference room! 1 price. No limits. Gather with others to learn, and then talk about what you’ve learned.

Will it be Recorded?

Yes! Direct events will be recorded, and will be available on-demand to EVERYONE in your company for a 3-month period. This gives those who couldn’t join the live event a way to review the recorded presentations. Some companies have used specific sessions as “lunch and learns” as a way to extend their investment in the learning.

Register today and spread the word!

Space IS LIMITED in order to maximize presenter/participant interaction! A few viewing locations will be selected for live, on-video Q&A with presenters, so register early!
Each Direct event will be targeted toward s specific audience. Share with the appropriate teams and invite them to join you in your conference room for the live viewing.
Watch live March 15th. Share the schedule and your individuals can choose to watch for the entire day or come in and out to view just those sessions of interest.
Because not everyone can attend live, a subscription allows your company unlimited number of viewers for the on-demand recordings for a 3 month period.