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The Job Instruction Method:

How to develop & teach standardized work in non-cyclical work processes

FACILITATED BY: DAVID MEIER of glenn's creek distillery


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About the Class in David’s own words…

The Job Instruction Method is fairly straight forward for training cyclical and repetitive jobs. There are many jobs or tasks that are not repetitive and do not follow the typical structure of presenting the job step-by-step. For example, thinking or decision making or judgement. What is the first step of the thought process? What is the second and so on?  

Consider a situation where the decision of what steps to take is based on variable conditions. It is similar to a sub routine in a computer program, but if you were to attempt to train someone in that manner you would cover a lot of information that does not apply to the actual condition at hand (most of the lines in the sub routine are skipped because they don’t apply at that time) and going over every if-then scenario would break one of the teaching elements: Give the student no more than they can master” (when the student is overloaded they will not remember most of what they hear).

The heart of the Job Instruction Method is really the ability to identify key points. In the case of cyclical work the key points are typically aimed at “how” to perform a certain thing. In the case of variable work or decision making “when” to take a certain step is a key point related to “why” a certain step was taken or a decision made, but not a key point to explain “how” to do a certain thing. 

This scenario presents two different training approaches. The first is the process of “when and why” to do a certain thing, and the second is “how and why” to do a certain thing. It is important not to mix these in the same training session. 

Another challenge of training thinking or decision making is that the scenario for the decision being made may only happen ONE TIME or may not repeat very often. It is not possible to go through the 7 training cycles suggested in the JI method. In this class David will explore many training challenges that don’t fit the traditional Job Instruction Method.

David will cover…

  • Review of most common mistakes people make in using JI and how to reduce them
  • Explore the relationship between Standardised Work (European spelling) and JI
    • Hint- I don’t always follow SW when delivering the training. Especially in a variable work situation


  • Developing “Standardised Work” in variable work situations
  • How to decide the sequence of steps to take in variable work
  • Defining the intended goal of training (How to know if training was successful).
  • How to get better results (better performance) in less time (both shorter time-line and time spent training)
  • Creating a process decision matrix to determine key points based on variable conditions
  • The key points of determining effective and efficient key points
  • How to use JI to teach thinking, decision making, and judgement
  • There will be ample time to discuss challenges students have that have not been addressed above
  • Anyone and everyone in any work environment will benefit from this Master Class because every work situation has variables and unique challenges in passing knowledge to others.


Some examples are:

  • Medical Professionals in Emergency room, conducting medical evaluations, etc.
  • Technicians and trouble shooters, maintenance people
  • Anyone who is responsible for developing decision makers, and problem solvers such as designers, and engineers.
  • Any creative process (yes creativity can be taught)
  • People responsible for customer service, help lines, etc.

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David Meier, Toyota Talent Author,
Lean Coach & Whiskey Distiller

David Meier is the founder and president of Lean Associates, Inc., and is the co-author with Jeffrey Liker of the best-selling books, The Toyota Way Fieldbook and Toyota Talent: Developing Your People the Toyota Way.

David learned the Toyota Production System as one of the first leaders hired at Toyota’s Georgetown, KY, facility where he worked in the plastic molding department. Over a 10-year period in Kentucky and Japan, he received training and mentoring in TPS principles including full-time coaching by TPS experts.

As a trainer and speaker on how to launch and sustain lean transformations, David has worked in North America, Russia, Europe, Brazil, and Asia for a variety of service and manufacturing industries, including healthcare, food processing, automotive, aerospace, wood and plastic products, chemical processing, metal machining, fabricating, welding, and assembly operations. He currently helps companies implement lean principles through Lean Associates, Inc.

Today David spends a portion of his timing as owner/operator of Glenns Creek Distilling.

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