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1st Quarter 2018

Ron Oslin & Larry Anderson

The Pod is limited to 15 coaches to maximize individual engagement and interaction.

The Lean Coaches Learning Pod is designed as an interactive engagement, under the direction of the Pod’s Coaches. Members are expected to contribute with questions, answers, challenges, and interaction with fellow Pod Members.

Sessions are 90-minutes and held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 2:00PM – 3:30PM Eastern Time. Below is an initial list of topics to be adjusted based on group input. Sessions will be recorded for on-demand playback following the meetup.


  • The Nine Stages of Leadership Maturity and how a coach should adjust their coaching approach for each stage
    • Assessing the current Stage of Leadership Maturity of a coachee
    • Coaching approaches for each Stage of Leadership Maturity


  • The Five Stages of Readiness to Change and how a coach should adjust their coaching to meet the person where they are
    • Assessing the stage of Readiness to Change of a coachee
    • Interaction approaches for each Stage of Readiness to Change


  • Combining insight from the Stage of Leadership Maturity and Stage of Readiness to Change to create the most effective coaching interaction


  • Coaching upward for those working with executives


  • Peer coaching


  • Coaching without authority


  • Horizontal (skill building) vs. Vertical coaching (thinking development)


  • Using reflection techniques
    • Coachee – beliefs to results model
    • Coach – construct evaluation


  • Mind and body preparation – Am I ready to coach


  • The “spirit” of coaching – what outcome are you after (helping them or helping me)


  • Knowing personal triggers
    • Reactive negative power trips
    • Reactive positive power trips


  • OARS – When and in what ratio
    • Open Questions
    • Affirmations
    • Reflections
    • Summaries


  • Handling discord
  • Measures of success for coaches
  • Coaching certifications
  • Coach’s Addiction – My assumptions may be the problem
  • Matching Coachee and Coach and resolving disconnects
  • Coaching agreements / contracts

Don’t go it alone! Join the

Lean Coaches Learning Pod

You clearly understand the role of coaching in the lean enterprise, but what about you? Who is YOUR coach? Too often lean champions are isolated, left to figure out the current state of their own coaching skills, where those skills need to be, and how to bridge that gap. The Lean Coaches Learning Pod is your connection to experienced lean coaches who will help you navigate the unique challenges you face. The Pod is limited to 15 coaches (your peers) who you will get to know over the course of your year-long engagement. These fellow coaches will become a valuable network outside of the formal monthly meetings.

What will your Learning Pod look like?

You’ve likely been to a conference and found the most meaningful conversations often happen in the hallways, during lunch, and over coffee. We’re taking that conversation and moving it online. Each month you will login to an online platform where you will see your fellow Pod Coaches and Members (think Skype or Zoom). The 90-minute sessions will include a topical lesson, starting with the outline to the left, but moving quickly to what the group wants and needs. During each session you will have opportunities to ask questions of your coaches and peers, provide your insights to others’ questions, and learn from the conversations that ensue.

And if you miss a particular month? No worries! Each session will be recorded for on-demand playback.

Join the Learning Pod!

CURRENT POD SOLD OUT! Contact Us. Join the Lean Coaches Learning Pod for only $3,000. That’s only $250 per month for 90 minutes of in-depth coaching lessons, individual coaching from experienced lean coaches Ron Oslin & Larry Anderson, as well as interaction with your peers during and in between monthly meetups. Sign up today and accelerate your lean coaching learning and application!

You will also learn about an optional, comprehensive Coaching Assessment that will further guide and direct your learning journey.


Ron Oslin is former Lead Coach of the Lean Coaching team at Capital One and is President of One System One Voice LLC. The lean coaching team provides counseling and coaching to all levels of leadership at Capital One. Oslin joined Capital One in December 2007 with more than 20 years of lean application in manufacturing and service. Oslin began his process learning journey in 1982 as an intern with Dr. Edward Deming.  Oslin has applied lean methodologies in printing, auto manufacture, marine heating and air conditioning manufacture, health care, education and banking. Oslin has held roles as CEO, COO, and transformation leader in several organizations. He received his bachelors from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Larry Anderson is a gold-certified (SME/AME/ASQ/Shingo) lean senior management and training professional with over 40 years of experience. He has a strong lean manufacturing and improvement background that includes a variety of functional experience. He serves as a senior examiner/team lead for both the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence and the AME Excellence Award. He is certified by the Shingo Institute to facilitate all institute workshops, is past chair of the SME/AME/ASQ/Shingo Lean Certification Oversight and Appeals Committee, and serves as president of the Southwest Region of AME. Anderson pursued the masters in engineering management program at the University of Louisville and holds a BSME degree from Texas Tech University. He is a registered professional engineer in Texas and Kentucky.

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