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Managing Visually at EKemp

Presented By:

Elaine Camm & Oliver Thompson

Session Abstract:

In this session we will

1. Show how managing visually helps us to achieve our Vision of Service Excellence: Working together, helping you today for a brighter tomorrow

2. Show how it helps us stay on track day by day and even hour by hour

3. Show how it helps us satisfy our customers needs

4. Demonstrate our visual management system with pictures and/or videos

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn…

  • How visual management can help you to achieve your purpose
  • How visual management can help you keep on track doing your customers work on a daily basis
  • How visual management can help you better satisfy your customers’ needs
  • How visual management can help you to schedule (and level) your customers work and to identify potential problems

About the Facilitator:

Prior to joining the family business, EKemp, in December 2016, Oliver spent 12 years working in insolvency practice during which he qualified (but did not practise) as an accountant and insolvency practitioner. Since joining EKemp and subsequently discovering lean, Oliver has been largely focused on business and process improvement under the tutelage of coach, Karyn Ross. Oliver is a father to a six year old son. Together, they watch a little-known football team in England called Bolton Wanderers (although Oliver think his son secretly supports Manchester United!). Oliver also enjoys meditation, physical exercise and reading (especially lean books) in his spare time