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Building a Box Score

An online, interactive workshop with Lean Accounting author,

thought leader, and pioneer, Nick Katko



Date & Time:
October 13, 15, 20, 22, 2020
4, 1-hour Sessions at 11:00AM EDT

Nick Katko, BMA

The workshop takes place online.

Workshop Fee:

Workshop Description

The Building a Box Score online workshop, facilitated by The Lean CFO author Nick Katko, is a 2 week learning experience for participants to develop the skills to create a box score. Through the workshop you will develop a deeper understanding of the relationships between operating performance, capacity performance and financial performance.

Using a simulation based on a BMA case study, you will learn:

  • How to calculate the 3 elements of a value stream box score (measures, capacity and income statement)
  • How to convert a traditional income statement into a value stream income statement
  • How to use a box score to analyze and determine the impact of a business decision.

This workshop will consist of four 1-hour classes and assignments. Each assignment will be able to be completed in about 1 hour. Individual one-on-one coaching sessions can be scheduled to answer any questions as you work your assignments.

Meeting Platform: Zoom

  • Registrants will receive Zoom invitations prior to all classes

Continuing Education Credits

  • 8 hours of CPE credit through this workshop
  • Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
  • Advanced Preparation: None
  • Program Level: Basic
  • Delivery Method: Group Internet
  • CPE Credits Earned: 8 (You must attend each live class and submit your completed assignments)


Workshop Schedule

October 13  11:00 am US Eastern time: Class #1

  • Box Score overview & capacity training
  • Assignment: Calculate capacity assignment using template provided

October 15  11:00 am US Eastern time: Class #2

  • Review capacity assignment; training on measurements and value stream income statement
  • Assignment: Calculate measurements and create value stream income statement

October 20  11:00am US Eastern time: Class #3

  • Review measurement and income statement assignments; training on decision making
  • Assignment: Box score analysis of business decision using template provided

October 22 11:00am US Eastern time: Class #4

  • Review decision making assignment; wrap-up and next steps


Workshop Fee

The cost to attend this workshop is $400 and must be paid by credit card upon registration. Company discounts (3 or more registrants) are available and for $300 per person when registering with Discount Code “GROUP”.

Registration – limited to 20 participants


About the Facilitator

Nick Katko is President and owner of BMA. Since 2002, Nick and has leveraged his Lean Accounting experience and philosophy in assisting BMA clients in developing, leading and coaching them in their Lean Accounting transformations. Clients Nick has served range of organizations world-wide from family-owned businesses to multi-national companies in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, software, engineering and service.

Nick is an early pioneer of Lean Accounting. In the 1990’s, as CFO of Bullard, Nick implemented a complete lean management accounting system in conjunction with Bullard’s Lean transformation, which included eliminating standard costing.

Nick is a regular speaker at the annual Lean Accounting Summit and has also presented at conferences in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Nick is the author of “The Lean CFO” (2013), which has been translated into Turkish and Italian, and co-author of “The Lean Business Management System” (2007).