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Spreading Hope by Creating Wealth

by Jim Huntzinger
(Lean in Zambia – 2013)
In August 2009 and August 2013 my children and I spent two weeks in Zambia, Africa. We were visiting and helping some close family friends that are missionaries. John and Kendra Enright are not typical missionaries. While they do have a very nice training center, the Kafakumba Training Center, which is used for a pastor school, family activities and other community events, the main focus and thrust of their work is setting up indigenous economic development. John has always…

Leaning Outside of Work

by Linn Asbury
Even with a teensy knowledge of LEAN, you’ll know about the method called the “Five Why’s”; it is used to explore cause and effect relationships underlying a specific problem. I’m blessed to be involved in a mission project doing community transformation work in a remote, impoverished part of western Kenya in the village of Kager.