2021 Riley Mini Keynote - Lean Frontiers - Be Bold. Be Better.

Launching a TWI Job Instruction Training Program at Hallmark Cards

Presented By:

Paul Riley

Session Abstract:

The Hallmark Cards Greetings Production Center in Lawrence, Kansas produces the majority of the company’s greeting cards for the North American business. In 2019, the company decided that job skills training deserved greater emphasis and hired a full-time training and development manager to develop and lead training across the plant to improve proficiency and productivity.

Building on previous experience with Lean Management techniques and lessons learned from Toyota, the plant decided to adopt TWI Job Instruction as the basis for its new training program. With the assistance of TWI Institute, Hallmark Cards has built a ground-breaking Job Instruction training program for the Greetings Production Center to optimize and standardize performance, and enable continuous improvement in service, quality, cost and safety for years to come.

About the Facilitator: 

After a 30-year career as a U.S. Army officer, Paul Riley went to work for Hallmark Cards, Incorporated, as the its first Training and Development Manager at the Greeting Cards Production Center in Lawrence, Kansas. Paul has created a training program utilizing TWI Job Instruction to improve proficiency and standardization among card printing and packaging machine operators and stock handlers.