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The Coaching Kata Experience:

Innovative Practice for 2nd Coaching the Coach

Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Time: 8:00AM-4:00PM (breakfast & lunch included)
Location: Jekyll Island, GA
Fee: $895*


Presented By:

Brandon Brown

Session Abstract:

Many of you understand the starter Kata scientific thinking routine and 5 questions.  Many have certifications in the TWI – J Programs and several other Six Sigma tools of  various Lean management systems.  But what’s beyond these beginner routines and tools. How can we make then work together?   Have you ever wondered how to align and use the Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata, TWI, and even Kaizen  work of individuals with supervisors, managers and leadership?  Toyota Kata has become the means to confront entropy and strive toward uncharted Challenges. TWI is a set of 80-year-old proven tools that are as relevant today as in the 1940s.  However, few coaching companies since Toyota began, have combined these two styles of scientific thinking and rapid, rigorous  lean learning  applications to create management systems that promote individuals to see and understand, hunt down obstacles, and sustain continuous improvement.

This workshop will begin with a short introduction of the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata (IK/CK) routines using the Domino game as the center piece for a generic rapid round review of:

  • Proper Storyboard mechanics per the Toyota Kata Practice Guide
  • Obstacle writing techniques to drive out vagueness and expose the Learner’s Threshold of knowledge
  • Rapid PDSA/PDCA in 4 rapid rounds to level set beginners and competent Learners & Coaches

By mid-morning teams will be split into 4 groups to spend focused time with one of four C3, LLC,  Master Coaches to learn how Toyota and many other companies use Kata to pull TWI tools into use by experienced coaches.  We will create 4 safe practice settings (often called “Dojos”) where you can grow your coaching strategies on how to 2nd Coach your Coach and learn new ones.  Throughout the remainder of the morning and afternoon, some of your learning takeaways will be:

  • As a 2nd Coach, am I able to find Learner and first Coaching errors embedded in a Storyboard that has slight flaws that Novice to Advanced Beginner Coaches might not catch? If so, what 2nd Coaching strategies work best for me to correct them?
  • When, Where, and How is TWI-Job Instruction “pulled” into the IK/CK as a PDSA experiment and eventually used to eliminate an obstacle causing variation?
  • Which strategy best fits my organization to Grasp the Current Condition – Working Pattern Block Diagrams? -OR- Using TWI-Job Methods Breakdowns to understand the current job method and create the new job method we should strive to achieve in the Target Condition. How is this even done?
  • Do I use good TWI-Job Relations when 2nd Coaching my Kata teams? – Or- Am I guilty of robbing my 1st Coach of learning opportunities? Do I give credit where credit is due at the Kata Storyboard?
  • How can you use Kata and TWI (the true HEART-beat) of the Toyota Production System to its maximum potential to sustain results and protect erosion of your lean management system?


About the Facilitator:

Brandon Brown is Owner and Master Kata Coach at Continuous Coaching Commitment, LLC,  delivering tangible and sustainable continuous improvement results as a Toyota Kata Master Coach, Certified Kata-Dojo Facilitator, Certified TWI-JI Train the Trainer, Kata JumpStart Trainer, and Lean Instructor/Facilitator.

In 2016-2020, he has dedicated the majority of his time to daily coaching and teaching healthcare professionals how to reach Challenges at Baptist Memorial Health Care in Memphis TN, NEA Baptist Memorial in Jonesboro, Baptist Memorial-DeSoto, Baptist Memorial Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and at Bryan Health in Lincoln, NE. He recently returned from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July of 2019 teaching a 3-day hands on practical Toyota Kata course. He taught his same 3-day Toyota Kata course to over 20 manufacturers at Nike’s Footwear and Apparel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2018.  In November of 2017, he was  the keynote speaker at the first annual Kata Summit in Prague, Czech Republic to help usher in and celebrate the translation of Toyota Kata to the Czech language. From 2006-2016, Brandon has been was a Visiting Professor of Operations Management at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  Brandon was a Regional Director and a board member for the Southeast Region of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence from 2014-2018.


*NOTE: This workshop is run in affiliation with the TWI and KATA Summits.. You are not required to attend the Summit to participate in this workshop. Simply select only the workshop, and not the Summit, when registering.

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