.2020 ~ Wagner & Boyd ... Improving Employee Engagement & Retention using the 7 KATA - Lean Frontiers - Be Bold. Be Better.

Improving Employee Engagement & Retention using the 7 KATA

Presented By:

Sam Wagner & Gene Boyd


Organizations are searching for ways to engage their workforce and improve employee retention.  In this session, the two presenters will briefly describe how each of their organizations improved its ability to achieve better employee engagement and retention using TWI together with Toyota Kata.  Then experience for yourself how to apply these Kata in a hands-on learning session (Dojo).

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn …

  • Case studies on using Toyota Kata and TWI to improve employee engagement, and employee retention.
  • How you might customize these approaches for your organization.
  • How to use Toyota Kata and TWI together in a hands-on exercise

About the Facilitators:

For the past 6 years, Sam has held a variety of leadership positions in operations, continuous improvement and training at FAST Global Solutions in Glenwood, Minnesota.  His previous experience with TWI as Director of Advanced Manufacturing at Donnelly Custom Manufacturing is documented in Bob Wrona and Patrick Graupp’s book Implementing TWI.  Sam is a frequent presenter at TWI Summits and KataCons, and recently presented a webinar on Developing Front-Line Leadership Skills through Toyota Kata.  A certified trainer in Toyota Kata, Job Relations, Job Instruction and Job Methods, as well as Visual Workplace, Sam holds a BS in Engineering Management from the University of North Dakota and MBA from San Diego State University.

Gene has spent 33 yrs. In manufacturing for Panduit Corp. Gene was a Flexo press operator for 15 yrs. In 2000 he became a supervisor over the printing/converting area. In 2008 Panduit started their lean journey. In 2009 Gene was promoted to Lean Program Manager for the GA facility. He spent 5 yrs. As a lean manager and then took a promotion back to the Printing/converting area as an Area Production Manager. Gene has been practicing Kata and attending katacon for the last 4 years. Gene is now driving employee engagement in the US Operations facitities for Panduit. Gene loves mixing the tools and making a difference in people’s lives thru engagement.  Gene also has a background as a machinist graduating from Lanier Technical Institute in Gainesville Ga.