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Job Instruction Implementation – Where to Start?

Presented By:

Barbara Ann Valinottl


Installing Job Instruction successfully at an established plant can be a challenge due to the many Jobs that would benefit from this method. How do you prioritize which jobs to focus on to address your client’s needs quickly and easily?

In this interactive session we will experience a portable and simple method to determine and prioritize jobs to solve your client’s pain points using Job Instruction.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn …

  • How to quickly and easily determine jobs
  • How to prioritize these jobs to eliminate client pain points through JI
  • How to “sell” this path forward and quickly realize value for the client

About the Facilitators:

Barbara Ann Vallnottl is a Global Learning Partner for Merck. She has a background in operations, quality and learning and development in the pharmaceutical industry. Her latest focus is an enterprise wide installation of Job Instruction Training.