2020 Heather Pierzchala ~ Building Trust With Your Internal Customers To Deliver Greater Value Externally - Lean Frontiers - Be Bold. Be Better.

Lean TRUST: Building Trust With Your Internal Customers To Deliver Greater Value Externally

Presented By:

Heather Pierzchala


Systems and tools can only bring us so close to delivering results- we need respectful behaviors and culture to optimize our infrastructure and reduce emotional bottlenecks that often impede or delay the delivery of results. Negotiating on principle can often reduce the frustrations caused by conflicting agendas short term, but the need exists to build long term, sustainable solutions to working cross functionally and within our own teams. The key to this is building trust!  This presentation details actions leaders can take to build trust internally, both within their own service lines and cross functionally, utilizing Lean principles, systems, and tools. It also includes examples of how these concepts have been put into action and results realized.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why building trust within the organization is critical to delivering success
  • Specific examples using the Lean principles, systems, and tools leaders can use to enhance internal trust
    • Enhancing Leader Standard Work from good to great
    • Utilizing recognition systems to promote relationships
    • Engaging in cross functional problem solving tied to Hoshin Kanri
    • VSM analysis
    • Challenging and growing employees to their full potential
    • Increasing Organizational Engagement
  • Examples of results realized as a result of these actions

About the Facilitator:

Heather Pierzchala is a Lean Sensei with experience in both clinical and business services settings. Her goal is to help leaders identify ways they can make Lean valuable for their business and attain results, all while maintaining a customer/patient focus and creating a culture that embodies respect for people.

Areas of Expertise
• Kata Coaching to Executive Leadership Teams
• Strategy Deployment
• Establishing Daily Management Huddles
• Establishing Tiered Huddles
• Bronze Stability- Standard Work, Process Mapping, 5S, Kanban, TPM, Skills Matrix
• Silver Performance- Benchmarking, Value Stream Mapping, Strategy Deployment
• Strategic Assessments
• PDSA Problem Solving and Staff Idea Generation
• Delivering Lean Training
• Leader Standard Work
• Metrics/Dashboard Development and Data Analysis
• Kaizen Events





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