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Deploying JI as a KATA to Grown People

Presented By:

Tyson Ortiz


So you just ran your people through the 10-hour JI training class – now what?

Word on the street is many organizations find that the standardized JI class, though terrific, does not fully prepare trainers to deliver effective training with this method.  Even when paired with intensive practice concurrent with the class, results are inconsistent and largely unsustainable.

Maybe this is because deploying JI means asking people to replace their existing training skills and habits with a whole news set of conflicting skills and habits!  For most of us no one-week training can be good enough to rewire our brain like this.

By borrowing insights from Toyota Kata’s skill development paradigm, we can build a structured JI deployment program that harnesses the power of deliberate practice and coaching to consistently produce trainers who are comfortable and effective with their new JI skills and mindset.

Learning Objectives:

In this session you will learn …

  • What the standardized JI training does and doesn’t do
  • How coached practice promotes effectiveness and sustainability
  • Practical tips for building a deliberate practice program

About the Facilitators:

Tyson Ortiz is a lean practitioner and teacher, and has worked in a variety of settings to strengthen organizations by developing robust processes with engaged, capable employees.  A parent to a highly medically complex child, Tyson also has several years of healthcare experience as a service user collaborating with clinicians to co-produce care for exceptional outcomes.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley, and lives near Boston with his wife and three boys.