2020 Murli Experiential ~ Lean Leadership Behaviors at the Gemba - Lean Frontiers - Be Bold. Be Better.

Lean Leadership Behaviors at the Gemba

Presented By:

Joe Murli


This is an experiential session in intended to demonstrate and reinforce the behaviors Lean leaders use to continuously develop the problem solving capabilities of their workforce.

Conducting effective walks at “the actual place where the work is done” (The Gemba) is the single most important skill a Lean leader must adopt and continually hone to perfection. Going to Gemba and displaying command and control management behaviors is actually worst in many cases that just staying off the floor entirely.  The objective is to make problems visible. If workers perceive that communicating a problem to their bosses may lead to negative repercussions their motivation will be to minimize problems or hide them all together.  Making problems starkly visible and building the problem solving muscle of the workforce is the lifeblood of a Lean organization.

Developing a coaching leadership style is a learned behavior and it can be taught. Attend this brief hands on session and experience a transition from conventional management to Lean leadership!

About the Facilitators:

Joe Murli is author of “The Lean Management System”, Lean Enterprise Institute faculty member, and founder of The Murli Group-People Centered Lean.
Joe’s started his Lean journey 1989 in what Jim Womack called “the acid case” of the Lean transformations he described in his
book “Lean Thinking”. Initially, in the onslaught of rapid fire improvement events there was excitement over how much could be improved in five day increments. Then as time went on and the lack of sustainability was obvious he searched for deeper understanding of how to capture the hearts and minds of people in pursuing the three simple questions of Lean.

Everybody, every day, everywhere asking:
How did we do yesterday?
Where was the waste?
How can we do it better today?
Ever since that time he has been dedicated to understanding the human factors of Lean and how they can lead to continuous improvement if properly managed and lead. He studied organizations that had highly engaged teams doing exactly this and distilled the basic elements that separated truly Lean thinking organizations from the rest. He was able to put these systems into play in the businesses he led at Pratt & Whitney, Kaman Aerospace, and Sterling Autobody.
As founder of The Murli Group he is dedicated in helping organizations of all kinds through every phase of the Lean transformation process especially as it deals with integrating technical and people systems into sustainable learning organizations.

“People Centered Lean is at the heart of everything we do”


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