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Mastering Relationships to Build Trust and Collaboration

Presented By:

Lis McNicholl


We all recognize that relationships can be complex.  In the course of daily work, leaders constantly balancing the needs of production and the needs of the people.  This is not an easy task  and often our good intentions are much easier said than done. The question is what can we do to improve how we relate with each other so that collectively we can do our best work?

Combining Job Relations Foundations for Good Relations with the insights from Neuroscience and the practice of Embodied Leadership gives us a richer set of practices to master the key leadership skills.

This is an interactive session where we will learn the concept, reflect on our experiences and practice with each other.

Learning Objectives:

  • Three components to master relationships:  understanding yourself, understanding others, and understanding the dynamic nature of relationships
  • To create your individual plan to improve communication skills and develop positive relationships
  • How to continue this learning and practice with your team

About the Facilitator:

Lis McNicholl How can we be together in more generative ways?” That enduring question inspires my transformative engagement with organizations, working groups, and individuals. Arising from that question, I am most passionate and effective developing the conditions where – in service to common goals — each person feels heard, understood, and appreciated. I have worked as an internal Organizational Development coach and consultant at the Boeing company, a local government, and most recently broadening to  community engagement.  I am TWI Master Trainer for Job Relations and Job Instructor.