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Building a Safety Culture: What manufacturers can learn from the aviation community

Presented By:

Susan Janus


Manufacturers have a long way to go in creating a safe workplace – going beyond slogans, videos, posters or even safety committees. Safety culture is dependent on how both the businesses and individuals perceive, value, and prioritize safety.
Those in the aviation community place a large emphasis on training, retraining and safety throughout their careers. Habits and techniques used are visible even to those who are outside this community.
It is time to improve the safety record in our manufacturing community. Training and implementing the TWI Job Safety 4-step methodology is a powerful starting point.

Learning Objectives:

  • An introduction to TWI Job Safety
  • How to strengthen your employee engagement, confidence, and participation level in creating a safe work environment
  •  “How a Safety Culture is Created” – Words shared by an American Aerobatic National Champion and Air Racer Aviator

About the Facilitator:

Susan Janus worked for MassMEP for last seventeen years helping companies achieve profitable growth. Projects, services, and events conducted have focused on “Next Generation Manufacturing (NGM)” strategies of: Operational Excellence, Workforce Strategies, and Innovative Growth Solutions. She also assists companies in gaining access to all available grant funds to support their training needs and improvement initiatives. Susan is a certified Training Within Industry (TWI) instructor for Job Instructions (JI), Job Methods (JM), Job Relations (JR), and Job Safety (JS).

Prior to working for MassMEP, Ms. Janus has eighteen years in operations management within several diverse businesses. Ms. Janus is recognized as a leader who builds effective, results oriented teams achieving record performances. She has excellent project management, problem solving, and presentation skills. She was a key contributor to the successful transformation of a company from a military supplier to a commercial business. She established procedures and controls to achieve both ISO 9002 and QS 9000 certifications.


Education / Educational Technology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

B.S., Mathematics, State University College at Oneonta, Oneonta, NY