2020 Warren ~ Annual TWI Late Night Geekfest...Reorganizing for Flow - Lean Frontiers - Be Bold. Be Better.

Late Night Geekfest…Reorganizing for Flow

Presented By:

Mark Warren

Session Abstract:

FROM MARK WARREN… I’m planning on talking about my current experiment where we did limited classroom training. The training was just an overview to let the people know the tools existed when we had problems to address. We were also telling them the basic ideas of TPS, as found in the 1st chapter of the 1973 manual. Part of my experiment was to replicate some of the same learning that the 1st tier suppliers of Toyota had starting about 1970. Basic lean principles + TWI.

Our focus was on problems solving (eliminating the hidden rework factories), creating flow (balancing the lines), making the jobs easier for the operators, and eliminating unnecessary activities that they considered ‘normal’. While they had a couple of hours exposure on the TWI skills, there was not enough practice and training for them to define what traditional use looked like. This was interesting, because they began to apply the Job Breakdown approach to problems in a way that was quite non-traditional. It started with the request to facilitate doing the JBS on an automatic section of a line… about 10 stations. They first described the step at the station, then the key points that must happen correctly to create a good product. The team used this for trouble shooting when defects were discovered. The Key Points made it easy to locate the source and resolve. Others have created instructions to do changeovers; following the JI format to recognize there is a get ready step and a follow up step (put away and inspect). Another used JI to design production requirements on a special order with a few samples. They had done a similar order like this last year and struggled. The first batch of 10,000 was done in December and took half the labor as it took in 2016.

ALSO…A new addition to the traditional Late Night Geekfest – Reorganizing for Flow: Using the TWI skills differently

“Ohno’s Method” of observation is founded in JI skill for developing the job breakdown, the problem solving in TPS is founded in the JR skills, and the improvement sequence is based on the JM challenge sequence. The need to use these skills are driven by the efforts of reorganizing for flow to improve throughput, reduce labor requirements, and build relationships with the people doing the work. The outcome was Ohno’s transformation of Toyota’s production system.

What you will learn:

  • How one company used TWI skills + Flow Principles + TPS to increase productivity 380% in three years of coaching.
  • How you can follow the same steps – Learn by Doing
  • How reorganizing for flow drives lean and need for TWI skills

What you can do:

  • Practice reorganizing for flow with your current process sequences…
  • Bring your problems to practice using the JI skills to solve
  • Bring your layouts/processes and use JM to challenge improving

You will get one-on-one coaching, so bring notes on process flows, barriers you are challenged with, even samples where possible. Make videos and pictures of what you want to work on as backup for your memory.


Getting Ready for this session



About the Facilitator:

Mark Warren has more than 30 years of experience working with Tier 1 and 2 suppliers to improve their manufacturing productivity and quality. Prior to establishing an independent consultancy, he spent 12 years at Robert Bosch Corporation in the corporate Quality Assurance and Warranty Department, where his responsibilities entailed extensive cooperative projects at various Bosch, supplier and customer facilities in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Author and Editor of several books on Lean and TWI. 

Open Networker – contact Mark.Warren@Tesla2.com

Will freely share resources for Lean Manufacturing implementation.
Original 1973 Toyota Production Manual
MTP (Management Training Program) class outlines, was used for training Japanese middle managers. TWI (Training Within Industry) manuals and trainers guides.


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