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Becoming The Supervisor – What they need to learn

Presented By:

Hugh R. Alley


When individuals are selected to become a supervisor or front line leader, they need new skills. Similarly, when a company embarks on a new initiative, whether it is LEAN, Continuous Improvement, Toyota Kata, or several other possibilities, existing leaders need new skills. In this breakout session you will get ideas about what those skills are, and how you can develop them in your organization. The strategies are different, depending on whether you have a new leader, or someone in an existing leadership role as the organization’s needs change. The content draws on Hugh Alley’s experience teaching core skills to almost 1,000 supervisors, and the results of new research. The ideas are geared to practical implementation: what makes sense to the supervisors, and what the organization can deliver.

There will be time for discussion.

Learning Objectives:

  • A helpful way to look at the role of the supervisor
  • Two practical skills every supervisor should use regularly
  • The six core skills for every supervisor (instruct, deal with inadequate performance, make local improvements, set priorities, listen, and coach)
  • The different development strategies you need for new supervisors and for experienced supervisors with new roles
  • Your role as a manager of supervisors

About the Facilitator:

Hugh R. Alley bio pending




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