2019 Oscar Roche ~ Results Through People Training - Lean Frontiers - Be Bold. Be Better.

Results Through People Training

Presented By:

Oscar Roche


A brilliant leader will develop their people to do what needs to be done, when it should be done, in the way the leader needs it done, because their people want to do it. Further a truly brilliant leader will have this happening when they are NOT present.

This is easily said but for many not that easily achieved. There are some fundamental skills that can become habit through practice that, when applied daily, will lay a very solid foundation to achieving the utopia described above.

Learning Objectives

In This Session You Will Learn:

  • Of a results through people model that has been practiced in industry since WWII and is regarded as being present in one form or another in groups of people displaying excellence.
  • That models alone are not sufficient to change behavior, a framework for development through practice is required.
  • Of the application of this framework at BAA (Australia)

About the Facilitator:

Oscar Roche, works closely with clients to realize organisational change, develop people capability and meet business improvement goals.

He believes the long-term success of any business lies in the development of its people.

This belief, combined with extensive operations management experience, helps him add value to every organisation he works with.

Oscar holds a Bachelor of Applied Science. His diverse sector expertise includes training, logistics, FMCG, chemicals, beverages and food.

Having run his own business and worked in various manufacturing roles for many years, he keenly appreciates the competing pressures modern firms face.