2019 Megan Hudson & Kelly Gorbach ~ Grow Daily - Drop Your Annual Development Plans - Lean Frontiers - Be Bold. Be Better.

Grow Daily – Drop Your Annual Development Plans


Presented By:

Megan Hudson & Kelly Gorbach

Session Abstract:

As a leader it is not always easy to talk to staff about areas of personal development. The Performance Excellence Department has created an environment where talking about opportunities for growth is an easy conversation.

We have done this through the use of improvement kata/coaching kata. Challenges were set for personal growth, employees took the time to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses within their roles, set targets and experimented on a routine basis towards improving their skills.

This was paired with coaching to provide feedback to the employee and create a habit of a growth mindset.

Learning Objectives:

“In this session you will learn…”

  • How to create a personal challenge statement
  • Types of experiments for growth
  • Personal metrics

About the Facilitator:

Megan Hudson is the Director of Process Excellence at Mercy Health.  She has a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare industry. Skilledin Applied Behavior Analysis, Lean, Performance Improvement, Kata, Strategic Planning, Problem Solving.

Kelly Gorbach bio pending