2019 Dorsey Sherman ~ Toyota Kata & Emotional Intelligence: Two Models for Leadership Development - Lean Frontiers - Be Bold. Be Better.

Toyota Kata & Emotional Intelligence: Two Models for Leadership Development


Presented By:

Dorsey Sherman


Typical leadership development consists of lecture, classroom training and/or a list of areas in which one needs to improve their skills. This approach, while commonplace, ignores what research tells us are three essential elements that must be in place to change “soft skills” including motivation, practice and feedback from a coach. The Toyota Kata and The Self-Directed Learning Model created by Richard Boyatzis in his work on Emotional Intelligence are two models for leadership development that incorporate all three of those elements. With Toyota Kata, the practice routine and frequency of coaching cycles allow time and space for questions, reflection and learning.  Similar to Toyota Kata, the Self-Directed Change model begins not with what is wrong, but instead with an understanding of one’s ideal self, followed by an assessment of a real self and finally a learning agenda as one experiments towards their ideal. These two models are similar and offer an alternative to traditional leadership development approaches.


In This Session You Will Learn…

  • Toyota Kata: A practice routine to develop scientific thinking capability
  • Emotional Intelligence and The Self-Directed Learning Model: A positive framework for leadership development
  • How these models are alike and how they can be applied to develop oneself or direct reports.

About the Facilitator:

Dorsey Sherman, MHSA has been pursuing her passion for continuous improvement for 15 years. She has Bachelor’s in Economics from Michigan State University and a Master’s in Health Management and Policy from the University of Michigan.  Dorsey has worked in healthcare organizations for most of her career coaching clinical staff and administrators in improvement, scientific problem solving, strategy deployment, goal attainment, change management and emotional intelligence. Most recently, she formed an LLC called Modèle Consulting whose mission is to help overwhelmed and burned out leaders achieve their potential and close the gap on daily improvement by learning and internalizing the Toyota Kata thinking pattern.