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Healthcare Stole the American Dream.  Here’s how we take it back.

Presented By:

David Contorno

Session Abstract:

In this session, David introduces the idea that employers around the country, from all industries, are engaging in the healthcare business whether they know it or intend it.  He will discuss the real reason employers are struggling to keep their business financials in check – healthcare.  The rate of rising deductibles and out-of-pocket exposure far outweigh the wage growth for the average American and as healthcare costs continue to rise we do nothing to assist our populations with being able to afford their coverage, both in payroll contributions and cost share liability at the point of service.   Contorno goes on to share that he and his colleagues are part of the problem.  The insurance industry is at the crux of the problem and this session will dive into the details.

About the Facilitator:

David Contorno began his career as a teenager whilst living in New York and, over the span of more  than 20 years, has become a leading expert in employee benefits for large employers across the nation.  With sights firmly set on enacting positive change, David created E Powered Benefits; a benefit consulting firm  with a clearly defined mission to deliver a different benefit experience based on full transparency.

Giving back to the community is something that David has remained committed too. He actively participates in the membership drive for the United Way, assisting the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, and supporting the Dove House Child Advocacy Center. He is also a member of the board of directors for both the Charlotte Association of Health Underwriters and former board member Healthreach Community Clinic.

David created a mentorship program within his consulting firm that allows him to mentor fellow advisors from around the country; sharing his own business model to contribute to the professional growth of others.

He is a proud father to two children; Hannah and Ethan. When he is not working he enjoys traveling, boating, and a variety of outdoor activities

His business model has produced average one-year savings of over 40% along with substantially reduced out of pocket costs for employees.